Priming Screen

While I’m waiting on some more Clecos to arrive, I’ve been getting familiar with my HF HVLP gun, as well as preparing the Stewart Systems EkoClean and EkoEtch. I picked-up a couple new spray bottles, which I used to mix up the solutions per instructions.

Realizing I’d need something to set my parts on while priming, I built a really simple mesh frame that will be supported by a couple sawhorses during priming. That way everything can be taken down and easily tucked against a wall. In the future I may take it a step further and make a downdraft table with it, but being in Phoenix, I can usually paint outside or at least with the door open and fan blowing out.

For the frame I picked up four lengths of 5ft 1.5″ PVC pipe and some 90 degree corners. Two of the 5ft sections I cut down to 3ft, which would give me an overall frame size of 5ft x 3ft, big enough for any of my empennage parts. Using zip ties, I attached a 1/4″ mesh chicken wire to it. Seems sturdy enough for these relatively light AL parts.

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