Priming Practice With EkoPrime

Using my newly made painting support screen, I was able to test out the HF HVLP gun with Steward Systems EkoPrime (white), diluted by 10%. The ambient garage temp was 93 degrees at 8:30pm (it was around 108 outside), and humidity of a saltine cracker, around 10%. The EkoPrime states it should be applied with temperature up to 95 degrees, so opening my garage door to let in that 108 degree air wasn’t going to happen, and that probably wont change for at least the next 3 months.

Rather than setting up a full-on downdraft table, I simply put a 20×20 filter in back of my fan, which moves a lot of air even on low setting, which is where I had it. I can say it had no problem taking in most of the overspray.

I had first done some testing on carboard (seen on the floor) to get the settings right. After feeling good about that, I proceeded to paint my test aluminum part (I had already prepared it using EkoClean and EkoEtch).

I have to say, I was quite happy with the way it came out. Certainly not automotive top-coat quality, but for primer, it’ll work! I did a fog coat, then the full coat. The fog coat was dry in seconds. The actual coat could be touched in about a minute and was pretty well dry after a few minutes. Gentle fingernail scratching left no marks at this point. I’ll give it several days to “cure” and will see how much tougher it gets. Though for surfaces that won’t be touched again, it seems more than tough enough.

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