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It has been about 5 months since my last build progress, which is really hard to believe! However, during that time we packed up our Arizona home, moved to Washington, house shopped for a month and moved in during October. In between doing online school daily with my two boys and dealing with the pandemic, I’ve been working to get the new work space ready for plane building. I had sold my previously built workbenches for what I had into them, so needed to build a couple more. The new 3.5 car garage also needed full ceiling insulation, which I had blown-in to a cozy “R” value of R-38 (10″ thick). Installed a 7500 watt heater, 14,000 lumens worth of LED lights over the benches, plus 16k lumens elsewhere. Things are really looking good!

The new space – your typical 3.5 car garage, with part of the space turned into an office (the far corner door).

Having kept my notes from building my first two benches, it was a breeze whipping out a couple new ones.

Here is my initial setup. The couch still in plastic wrap will be leaving soon, as well has the big box (12ft Christmas tree that won’t fit in this home). The LED shop lights are the same ones I used in my last garage. They certainly put out a lot of light! Since I plugged these into the extra outlet spot where the garage door open plugs into, I can’t easily reach that from the ground and I didn’t want pull chains hanging down from the lights either. So, I purchased a very inexpensive remote controlled outlet off Amazon that lets me turn them on with a simple remote.

Now time to get caught back up with where I had left off on my build.

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