HS: More Front Spar Work

6/1/20 – Bent the HS-702 tabs to 6 degrees per plans. Clamped HS-00001 spar doublers to the HS-702’s as well as the HS-710 and HS-714.

6/2/20 – Matched drilled all inboard holes on front spar assembly to #30 (as shown in view A-A Dwg 3). Removed all clecos and components after marking. Prepared HS-710 to taper ends by drawing 1/4″ radius per plans. I found my rivet gauges (1/2″ wide) worked perfect for this!

6/3/20 – Tapered the ends of HS-710 and HS-714, then bent their outboard ends to 6″ per Dwg 3, view B-B.

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