HS Deburring and Dimpling

I spent quite a few hours deburring all edges, holes and dimpling. For the long, straight edges I used a combination of Vixen files and the two Scotch-Brite wheels. For the inside of rib flanges, I mostly smoothed those with a small jewelers file. I did order and receive some 320 grit Emory cloth, which did work well cut into thin strips for “flossing” some of those tight inside corners. I’m still playing with different techniques and tools.

I accomplished the dimpling of all ribs and spars from the comfort of my couch. Can you guess what time of year it was? The Main Squeeze was utilized for this task.

Dimpling of the skins was a bit more interesting. The DRDT2 made this task pretty easy, once I figured out how to best maneuver the skins. I was able to reach every single dimple with the DRDT2, so no close-quarters dies needed! Though I did need them for a few holes in a couple of the ribs.

During this process, I took a moment to build this cool little RV-7A kit with my son.

Next, Priming.

About time for some prep-n-prime (sounds like a horrible game show)! That brings me back to the topic of primer. While I originally was planning to use EkoPrime, I’ve looked at some other possible options, primarily aerosol primers. There are so many opinions on them, but little in the way of direct comparison with respect to corrosion resistance. Time for a science experiment. See my next post for the results!

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