Driving Back To Phoenix From Tuscon To Pickup DRDT2

What a great Saturday for a road trip! Once I received word from Paul from Experimental Aero in Tuscon that my DRDT2 was ready, I made my way down from Phoenix. Besides taking delivery of this brand-new tool, I was also able to check-out Paul’s own RV-7A, and what a beautiful aircraft it is! (Thanks again Paul for the visit!)

Back home at the factory, I unboxed the DRDT2. Very robust packaging I must say. Once I got everything unboxed, before I could even begin assembling, my oldest son (8) had already dove in and was already piecing things together. As a mechanical engineer myself, I was very impressed with the tool and design.

How well does it dimple?


My very first DRDT2 dimple

Here’s some dimples done on the skin from Van’s practice kit:

No under dimpling here! Once properly setup, this thing just works! I love it. My 8 year old does as well, he did those himself! (with supervision of course). The instructions say to bring the dies together, just touching, lift the handle, then give it about a quarter turn more. I did just that, maybe a tad bit more. The frame will flex slightly, that’s what you want. The dimples will turn out awesome!

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