Building EAA Table

In preparation for my build, I set out to do what many others who have come before me have done… build the EAA workbench! It seems like a rit of passage. In my case I built just one for the time being.

For the most part I built per the plans, changing only the height of the bottom shelf by lowering it 2.5″. I found an online program that allows you to input all your cut sizes and lays them out on whatever material you have to cut from (2x4x96’s in this case). The free online cut-list calculator I used can be found here.

Construction was pretty straight forward. I didn’t use glue as I felt that was overkill. It seems plenty sturdy with just the screws.

I did run into a small issue when putting the last pieces on that go at the bottom of the legs. They ended up being about 1/8″ too long, so I had to chop them down accordingly. Easy fix!

Lastly I put on some locking caster wheels (2″) and the top. I did countersink the screws as well.

Now that the workbench is done, I realize I need some more light! Next project…

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