About Me

An engineer by profession, education and life long endeavors. Dad, husband, entrepreneur and creator. And of course, pilot! PPL since 2005.

I’ve been lucky enough to be involved with aviation for much of my life. Over twenty something years ago during my Jr. High/High school days, I took part in an after school program where we began scratch building a Zenith CH701, which was generously supported by our local EAA chapter members. From my participation there, I received a scholarship that paid half of my first 10 hours of flight training. I continued after those initial hours, flying just about every weekend, paying for each flight by working at the local grocery store during the week several days after school. While college sidelined my flying for a bit, I jumped back in after my first degree and got my PPL.

June 1998 – First year progress on our CH-701. Red arrow points to me.

Since then, I’ve spent several years working for the FAA doing air traffic control (both Center and tower/TRACON), left the FAA and obtained a B.S. in mechanical engineering, got married, had two amazing boys and moved cross-country nearly a half-dozen times.

I’m now ready to tackle my largest project yet, building my own aircraft! Follow along as I document my progress here in my Spokane, Washington aircraft factory.

Checkout my other site filled with various other projects I’ve worked on over the years: NuclearProjects.com